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Charge the tablet from the computer. You can use a knife and fire. The process of charging a portable gadget from a computer

  1. USB cable
  2. We charge through an external battery
  3. Manual charging (self-made)
  4. How to charge the phone on the train?
  5. We charge the phone in nature without a charger
  6. Quickly charge the phone for 1 short call
  7. Do-it-yourself phone charge
  8. Frog for charging phones and what kind of device and where can I buy it?
  9. Common and most acceptable ways to restore battery power
  10. The process of charging a portable gadget from a computer
  11. From the cigarette lighter in the car
  12. From autonomous power supply
  13. Charging directly
  14. Features of device selection
  15. Some nuances and important points that need attention
  16. Charge the first time

Talk about how to charge the tablet without charging

Everyone needed to charge the tablet without a charger. And there is a solution to this problem. And not one.

Charging is the transfer of energy from the energy source to the battery of your tablet. And not necessarily the energy transmitter should be charging, which comes bundled with the tablet. Consider alternative charging methods.

USB cable

USB cord is in everyone and in almost every home. You can use it to. We need a computer or a charged laptop, to which we connect the device that needs charging. Connector input usually has standard sizes, so you can use any computer.

By connecting the tablet using a USB cable to the power source, which in this case is a computer, you can immediately state the fact of the transfer of energy to your “hungry” tablet. This method can be called one of the most simple ways Charging the tablet without a charger. But he has and. These include:

  • The maximum charging current is quite low - a maximum of 500Mah;
  • Power and voltage is also minimal, respectively, need more time to charge.

We charge through an external battery

An external battery can also be a power source for a tablet. We connect the autonomous power supply through the cable to the tablet, and the charge flows from one battery to another. This method of charging can be called the most mobile: if you have a cable and external battery , you can charge the tablet anywhere.

The advantages of this option include the following factors:

  • An external battery can have a fairly large amount of energy,
  • Without a load, the charge can be maintained for a sufficiently long time.
  • The charge efficiency also has strong performance.
  • Mobility of this method: for its implementation, you can carry everything with you.

There is such an option. External battery you need to have: either buy or take from someone.

Manual charging (self-made)

You can make charging yourself. To do this, you need an old charge, for example, from mobile phone . Cutting the input to connect to the device, we see two wires: red - minus, and blue - plus. Having determined where the negative and where the positive charge of the battery is, we connect the wiring there accordingly and fix it with tape.

These are not all ways to charge without a charger, but the most popular ones. Choose any!

In this case, you can help out the most ordinary computer, laptop or even a tablet. In order to understand, you need to use improvised devices.

Take the USB cable for mobile and simply connect the gadget to the computer with it.

And you can try to use the charger from another phone (unnecessary).

Here you will have to cut off the connector for the mobile and leave only the plug and cord from the charger.

  • Carefully strip the ends of the wires from the charger.
  • Remove the battery from the "tube" and attach the ends of the wire to its contacts: "+" to the plus, "-" to the minus
  • Insulate the invention and plug it into the network.
  • The charge went.

How to charge the phone on the train?

If there is a need to charge it in the train, but there is no charger, you can go to the next compartment in search of the right charger for passengers. If you are not lucky here, you can simply ask your neighbor and insert your SIM card into it.

More complex options for resuscitation of the phone in a train require:

  • alkaline batteries
  • paper clips
  • scotch, which in itself is slightly difficult.

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We charge the phone in nature without a charger

In nature, you can use several available tools to charge your phone for one quick important call. But actions need to be done very carefully so as not to damage the battery or your device.

You can use a knife and fire.

To do this, heat the blade of the knife and put on it the battery from the phone contacts to the metal. The battery will heat up slightly and show some energy. Insert the battery and call. Do not overdo it with heating.

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You can try to throw a battery hard on a stone.

This method is slightly vandal, but the battery will not be damaged by a single blow, and you will receive the necessary charge for the gadget. Zealous with this way of charging is often not recommended.

Watch the video from the Galileo program.

Quickly charge the phone for 1 short call

In an emergency, you can try using a needle and water. So, it is enough to pierce the battery with a needle in one place and lower it for a while into the water. Due to the reaction, the energy necessary for the call is accumulated.

And you can try to glue the battery contacts with a piece of tape.

We put such an upgraded battery in place and make a couple of necessary calls.

Ways to quickly charge a phone without a charger are dangerous for both the phone and the person.

Emergency battery charging can disable it completely. So, voltage drops do not play in favor of the battery.

Moreover, in an extreme way, a battery is often subjected to mechanical damage, which by itself is not correct.

Be careful and cautious when using the above charging methods.

Do-it-yourself phone charge

In general, in the event of an extreme situation with the lack of a network, it is quite realistic to charge the mobile In general, in the event of an extreme situation with the lack of a network, it is quite realistic to charge the mobile. To do this, you can use the existing charger and any device that runs on batteries.

Cut the charger plug and trim the ends. Insert the connector into the phone, and attach the ends of the device to alkaline batteries in a working device (radio, razor, etc.), observing the polarity.

You can charge the phone in this way for two or three calls.

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Frog for charging phones and what kind of device and where can I buy it?

For emergency recharging of the phone, you can use a universal remedy - a frog For emergency recharging of the phone, you can use a universal remedy - a frog. This invention allows you to charge the battery of any phone by connecting the battery contacts and fixture terminals.

The price of a frog for charging the phone starts from 200 Russian rubles and more (depending on the phone manufacturer). You can buy a toad for charging phones with instructions on any radio market or via Internet resources.

The more you use your mobile device the faster the battery sits in it. It’s good if you have charge and time to charge the device, but it’s not always possible. Therefore, there is such a need as to charge the tablet without standard charging.

Common and most acceptable ways to restore battery power

The charging process is organized by transferring energy through the converter from the energy source to your battery. Almost all battery charging methods are built on this principle. Very often there are situations when the battery is running out, and the standard charger is not at hand. The question arises how to charge the tablet without a charger, that is, without the battery charging device that came with your device.

For car cigarette lighter

The process of charging a portable gadget from a computer

To charge your gadget from a computer, you only need to have a USB cable with you, with which you will connect the device to the computer network, from which the charge will occur. This is the easiest way to charge the tablet from a personal computer.

In this case, the incoming voltage and power is regulated by the computer’s power supply system, which is more progressive and more accurate than normal charging . For these reasons, a method such as charging a tablet from a home computer is the easiest and most effective from controlling the process and preserving battery life, but it has its drawbacks from the user side - charging your gadget from the computer lasts much longer.

The process of charging from a regular desktop computer is no different from how to charge a tablet from a netbook or laptop, so it makes no difference what device you charge.

In order to organize the charging process from a regular computer, you only need a suitable cable, so this method of how to charge the tablet using usb through a computer is the easiest.


  1. Simple implementation technology;
  2. Use of available equipment;
  3. Prevalence;


  1. Low maximum charging current (max 500Mah)
  2. Small voltage;
  3. Lack of power.

From the cigarette lighter in the car

Many users have a question - how to charge the tablet from the cigarette lighter located in the car. This method requires charging, which will have a connector that will be adapted for inclusion in the on-board network of the car. Charging, which is connected to the cigarette lighter, has a USB connector, and how to charge the tablet via the usb port is described above.

Instructions for the proper organization of how to charge the tablet from the car cigarette lighter:

  1. Ensure that the output voltage and charging current are normal;
  2. Connect the cable to the gadget;
  3. Include charging into the onboard vehicle network.


  1. Convenience;
  2. Mobility;
  3. Portability:


  1. Low charging current;
  2. Voltage drop under heavy loads in other systems onboard network;
  3. Additional load on the generator and car battery.

From autonomous power supply

Autonomous power source is an external battery that can be connected via cable to the gadget. The principle of operation of such a system is simple: the charge flows from one battery to another through the cable. This way of charging a tablet is the most mobile, since you can always take such a power source with you.


  1. Mobility:
  2. A large supply of energy, which has an external battery;
  3. Slow discharge without load;
  4. High charge efficiency;


  1. A self-contained battery requires long pre-charging;
  2. Natural wear and possibility of failure.

Charging directly

If you can get the battery itself, you can charge it by lining the terminals from another source, that is, connect the battery directly to the charging, so that the current flows smoothly from the source to the battery. This method refers to the extreme, as it can quickly lead to a battery unusable. Therefore, if you decide to use it, you must know exactly how to charge the tablet battery directly and follow safety rules.


  1. Short charging time;
  2. Low energy loss during transmission;


  1. High probability of failure of the battery;
  2. Overheating and loss of battery capacity;
  3. The need for constant monitoring;
  4. Chance of battery damage and power management circuit.

Features of device selection

If for some reason your Charger failed or you lost it, and there is no way to find the exact same, then you can pick up an analogue. For example, in order to determine how to charge the tablet from Samsung, it will be enough to know the strength of the current and the number of volts. These characteristics can be found on the manufacturer's website in the model description.

When choosing an analogue charger, you need to remember two basic rules, compliance with which guarantees you fast charge and battery life:

  1. The voltage should be exactly the same. An error of not more than ten percent of the nominal value is allowed;
  2. The current strength should be either the same value as on the original gdjet, or be greater, but not more than four times.

Failure to follow these rules resulted in imminent damage to either the charger or the battery.

Some nuances and important points that need attention

In the question of how to quickly charge the tablet on the Android system or another operating system, the answer is always the same: it all depends not on the device software, but on the hardware. Most often, gadgets of unknown Chinese brands are much less demanding of charging conditions, so there should be no problems with how to charge a tablet made in China.

Most mobile charging devices are equipped with a USB connector. Charge gadgets from them is not recommended, because their power is much less than that required to charge the tablet. Undoubtedly, the question immediately arises: “How to charge the tablet through your connector”? The answer is simple: battery mobile gadget will not be able to charge up to the maximum value.

Then how to charge the tablet through the usb output to the maximum? To do this, use the recommended charger or compatible. It is not recommended by the manufacturer to use non-native power supplies, and you may also lose the warranty on the device.

Charge the first time

When the device is first charged, the control boundary values ​​are set in the power control system battery . This value will be used in order to most accurately display the level of remaining battery charge. In order to extend the battery life in the gadget and save its capacity indicator, you need to know how to charge the tablet for the first time.

With USB connector

After your gadget was brought from the store, you need to check the battery level. If the battery is not completely discharged, then you must first completely discharge it, then put it on charge and charge up to a maximum at a time. This procedure is recommended to be repeated at least three times. The best option is to conduct such discharge / charge cycles all the time, in real conditions, try to use this method at least once a month.

How to charge the phone on the train?
Frog for charging phones and what kind of device and where can I buy it?
Undoubtedly, the question immediately arises: “How to charge the tablet through your connector”?
Then how to charge the tablet through the usb output to the maximum?
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