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How to install headlight washers

  1. Independent installation of the washer?
  2. Basic rules for using the device
  3. findings

Headlight washer is a very important detail in the design of automotive lighting, especially if you use gas discharge lamps in optics. With their help, the glass in the headlights of the car will always be clean. Xenon light is quite picky in operation, if even slight pollution is present on the headlight panes, then the light from xenon will not be refracted correctly, this can lead to a powerful light beam blinding the oncoming lane drivers. And, in the end result, it can contribute to the creation of a traffic accident on the roadway. Take care of your and other road users safety, use xenon light correctly - install headlight washers .

headlight washers

Independent installation of the washer?

This device can be mounted by contacting the service station specialists, but if you decide to save material resources, you can install it yourself. To do this, observe the following sequence of actions. So, the correct installation of the headlight washer begins with:

  1. You should purchase the headlight washer system itself. It may differ in the list of parts and design. What will affect the principle of operation of the device. The most common is considered to be washers that operate on the principle of a large flow of fluid. These devices do not use brushes that can damage the smooth surface of the headlights. In some washers already have a nozzle pad, it will save you from drilling the bumper. Because all parts are installed on it. Each kit has detailed installation instructions, and all the necessary communications: headlight washer reservoir, pump, nozzle, hoses, etc.
  2. Now that you have everything you need to install yourself, some decisions need to be made. Namely, open the hood and see if you can crash into the windshield washer reservoir that is already installed in your car. This can usually be done in domestic cars, with foreign cars, everything is much more complicated, they are quite picky about it. But nothing is impossible. If you can’t connect to an already existing tank in your car, then you are simply looking for a free space, on which you can install one more tank. It is desirable that it be located away from the basking elements. So that under the influence of high temperature it does not deform and in the end result does not deteriorate.
  3. Once you have decided where to put the tank, you need to distribute the nozzles. They must be located in the center of the headlamp, directly opposite the optical center. More precisely, this can be recognized by the pattern on the diffuser, the center is indicated by a circle.
  4. Right opposite the center we drill a hole in the bumper. Then it should be expanded to the size of your nozzle. So it will be much more rational and faster than later to fit everything under extra millimeters. Pay special attention! The drill should work from the inside of the bumper, so less paint will rise.
  5. Secure the nozzles securely. If they do not match the color of your car, then take care of this in advance.
  6. Install the tank (if independent) and pump the instrument.
  7. After the work done, connect the hoses. Pay attention to their length, they should not be too short, but they should not be used beyond the assumed norm either. And, of course, beware of the heating elements next to all the details of your washer.
  8. Now it's time the electricians. The pump, observing all the rules, connect to the general scheme and bring its control to the button, thanks to which you will have to operate your car headlight cleaning device. There are options for connecting to a common glass washer system. In this case, the headlights will be washed along with the windshield. Of course, this option requires a large flow rate. It is possible to make the system autonomous, but for this it is worth spending more time to bring out a separate control button. After the final decision - your washer is ready for full operation.

After the final decision - your washer is ready for full operation

Basic rules for using the device

They consist in adding antifreeze or alcohol to your tank in winter. washer Otherwise, some items may go out of operation by simply freezing. If there was such an incident, you should not replace the entire device with a new one. Bring it to work can be a partial replacement of the item left.


You should not save on the purchase of a headlight washer, because it may entail additional costs. The wrong light can put you on the road. Moreover, in the SDA, all cars that use xenon light sources must be equipped with headlight washers on a mandatory basis.

Independent installation of the washer?
Independent installation of the washer?
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