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How to pack a suitcase: life hacks from military

  1. 1. Practice Especially frequent advice from the military is to collect, disassemble and reassemble...
  2. 3. Put things in reverse order.
  3. 4. Strategically distribute the weight in the suitcase.
  4. 5. Imagine building a wall.
  5. 6. If you do not know what to take the free space, put more socks.
  6. 7. Take only the necessary
  7. 8. Put things in separate covers
  8. 9. Find the perfect suitcase.

1. Practice

Especially frequent advice from the military is to collect, disassemble and reassemble the bag a few days before departure. So you will not only fill your hand, but also remember what is lying in your suitcase, and then you will quickly find everything you need.

Spread out all things on a bed, floor or desk and practice. Then it will be easier to decide what exactly is needed on the trip.

2. Fold, twist and tie

Daniel Fishel / Thrillist.com

Try to fold things so that they are the same shape and size. Then they will fit snugly together and occupy less space in the bag.

Bulk things that are harder to fold, such as jackets or sleeping bags, roll into a roll. And so that they do not unfold, tie them with a rope.

3. Put things in reverse order.

The most practical way to pack a bag is to pack things in reverse order. Think for yourself: what you put first will be your last. If you arrive at your destination in the evening, be the last to put your pajamas and other sleeping items in your bag. And leave a spare pair of jeans at the bottom of the bag.

4. Strategically distribute the weight in the suitcase.

With a backpack most convenient to travel. Just do not forget: the heaviest object must be placed in the center of the backpack so that it is closer to the spine. Then the backpack will not pull you back, and it will be easier to carry it.

The same rule applies to suitcases and bags. Divide your bag into three parts. The lower part should be average in weight, the second - the heaviest, and the top - the easiest.

5. Imagine building a wall.

Daniel Fishel / Thrillist.com

Lay things like you would lay bricks and cement when building a wall. Shoes or covers with small things are your "bricks". And the clothes and underwear are “cement” filling the empty spaces. If you put the suitcase in this way, things in it will not hang out while driving.

6. If you do not know what to take the free space, put more socks.

If between things in the suitcase there is a lot of free space, take it with socks. They are definitely useful for you, especially if you are going to many walk . During intense walking, feet sweat, socks get wet, and so easy to get calluses. So it is better to stock up on socks in advance and change them more often.

7. Take only the necessary

Do not carry too many things with you. Be prepared for unforeseen situations, but do not type too much. You must have high speed and low resistance.

When you pack everything in front of you during the gathering, set aside unnecessary things. First, put in the suitcase the most necessary, and if there is space, add something from the extra.

8. Put things in separate covers

Daniel Fishel / Thrillist.com

To neatly pack your suitcase, lay things on small covers. For example, in one, fold all electrical appliances and cables, in the other - toiletries, in the third - scarves and gloves. For this perfect fabric covers with a zipper.

From above, be sure to leave a carrying case or bag with the essentials. The content depends entirely on where you are going, but there are also universal things: documents, phone charging, headphones, medicines, snack , change of clothes - all you need to quickly get out of the suitcase.

9. Find the perfect suitcase.

As you know, the military do not change their gear. Therefore, they advise everyone to find the perfect suitcase or backpack. It is better to spend more money on it, but to get more space and convenience, as well as the advantage in speed.

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